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**ON SALE NOW** get the best money saving app on Google Play for just $0.99!Please ensure you are on version 9.0.1 of Saving Made Simple: is the donate (ad-free and even more awesome) version of Saving Made Simple, the free personal finance & money app that shows you exactly how to save money for any goal!Looking for the Free Version of Saving Made Simple? Click here: DONATE?• Adds Dropbox cloud backup and restore, sync any device!• Enables the app lock to protect your data behind a PIN.• Removes bottom banner ads.• Enjoy a clean & beautiful user interface!• Help ensure the future development of many more great money saving features.HOW'S THIS MONEY MANAGER WORK?Our latest personal finance app - Saving Made Simple - creates a robust yet user-friendly savings and expense manager in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly budget money for upcoming bills, debt payments and savings goals with only a few clicks! Our intuitive personal finance app prioritizes your goals and breaks them down into manageable and timely payments. Convenient widgets and notifications remind you of your saving progress, while also keeping you informed of upcoming due dates for bill payments.MONEY MANAGEMENT FEATURES• Expense tracking with beautiful graphs of your expense breakdowns• Know exactly how much to save: our app breaks down your savings goals into routine payments.• Savings goals, bills and budgets are automatically prioritized by their due dates.• Budget for upcoming bills and savings goals in 65+ currencies!• Set up notifications to remind you of your savings progress and due dates for upcoming bills and savings goals.• Track automatic payments from your bank account with simple recurring payments!• Use widgets to quickly glance at your home-screen and see the status of your savings goals!VARIOUS WAYS TO SAVE MONEY• Save money for vacations, budget for your upcoming car insurance, save for textbooks, etc.• Set up goals to regularly pay off your mortgage and credit cards saving you interest expense!• Avoid penalties by setting up savings goals with due dates for bill payments and expenses.BUDGET AND SAVE MONEY SAFELYYour privacy is safe as our app does not require any personal information whatsoever. No bank account information nor any connections to your financial institutions are necessary to save money with Saving Made Simple.If your phone is lost or stolen you can rest assured that our app has no connections to your bank or other financial institutions!THE NEW WAY TO SAVE MONEYNever before has an app been designed exclusively to help you reach your money savings goals with a minimum amount of effort and stress.Saving money and budgeting for the future doesn't have to be complicated. This app isn't a replacement for Mint, EasyMoney, or Money Lover, instead, it's a simplification of the main goal: to save money conveniently.Download Saving Made Simple today and start accomplishing the savings goals you've always dreamed of!